In the event that there's one title synonymous with the Dodgers, it's not a player, supervisor or any group official. It's Vin Scully.

For more than a half-century, there wasn't a Dodgers amusement that didn't start this way for fans at domestic or the stadium 

Vin Scully started declaring diversions on the radio and after that on tv when the Dodgers still played in Brooklyn 

He went through more time with one group than any other broadcaster in sports history, some time recently he resigned after the 2016 season. 

It wasn't fair life span that made Scully incredible. It wasn't his baseball knowledge—which was prodigious

It was his particular voice...poetic and philosophical asides, and his ability for making a individual association with listeners. 

It was there from the begin. One important time in 1957, catcher Joe Pignatano was coming up for his to begin with at-bat as a Brooklyn Dodger. 

Amid the broadcast, Scully needed to create beyond any doubt the player's family wouldn't miss out.

doing perhaps his wife's taking care of the infant [and] and not tuning in to the amusement

You'll listen Scully's voice radiating from radios individuals brought to Dodger Stadium. 

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