Previous Heisman Trophy finalist Manti Te'o has listened all of the jokes, seen all of the memes,

More than nine a long time after Deadspin uncovered the truth approximately Te'o dating a lady who didn't exist, 

A embarrassment doesn't fascinate standard media for more than a news portion unless it includes somebody of near-mythic levels of notoriety, 

which Te'o had between 2009-2012. The Netflix doc drives domestic the accomplishments— 2012 Heisman Grant finalist 

By the time he entered the 2013 NFL Draft, he as of now had an internet relationship with his fake sweetheart Lennay Kekua, 

Te'o clarifies his naiveté was mostly since "in 2009, no one knew anything around catfishing." 

He fights he never listened the state burned into our collective online dating vocabulary until Christmas 2012. 

Kekua does not exist exterior of Tuiasosopo. One of the foremost illuminating parts of the doc is finding out that Tuiasosopo, 

he said he had never met Kekua in individual but as it were talked with her essentially. Because it turned out, she was totally fictional. 

Ronaiah “Naya” Tuiasosopo had made the persona for Kekua and associating with Te'o. After Notre Dame's season was complete 

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