The Starships hitmaker saw a melody titled Freaky Young lady on social media prior this month and demonstrated she would drop the track on 21 August

Be that as it may, Nicki took to Twitter on Saturday to share that she may not utilize the title Freaky Young lady and required proposals for a replacement

Nicki had too demonstrated that the tune would discharge on Eminent 21. In any case, through her official Twitter handle

Nicki communicated her disappointment with the existing title, Freaky Young lady. Whereas inquiring for proposals for the title replacement, 

Nicki included a survey which included the choices He Need a Freaky Girl,

For the survey, Nicki presented three names - Scratch James, Super Freaky Young lady, and Freaky Young lady. Before long after she included the poll

Super Freaky Young lady, and Scratch James. The survey rapidly racked up over 118.000 votes, with Scratch James being the beat choose so distant. 

Nicki Minaj is getting gigantic footing on social media after a individual named Kate Mill operator claimed to be the rapper's ex-assistant and hence publicized out her grimy laundry.

Netizens have since hammered Mill operator for spreading disinformation, and it is accepted that she isn't the singer's ex-assistant in reality. 

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