Alex Jones was gone up against with a few pieces of prove Wednesday that negated his possess declaration amid his maligning trial,

where the guardians of a 6-year-old slaughtered within the 2012 Sandy Snare Basic shooting are suing him after he claimed the slaughter was staged. 

Jones owes the guardians of Jesse Lewis. Jones affirmed Tuesday that he never specified Sandy Snare in content messages 

so he never given such records as required amid the trial’s revelation handle. 

But Check Bankston, an lawyer for Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis 

told Jones on Wednesday that Jones’ claim lawyers as of late incidentally sent them the substance of Jones’ phone from the final two years.

Bankston at that point pointed out a few writings and other prove that negated Jones’

past declaration and said he had a few of Jones’ content messages that specified Sandy Snare. He had Jones perused one to confirm. 

“I’m not a tech fellow. I told you in my declaration, I gave my phone to the lawyers,” Jones said. 

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