Robinson has requested Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson to be suspended without pay for six diversions

the association affirmed to NPR on Monday. The discipline comes after 24 ladies blamed Watson of sexual unfortunate behavior, 

starting gracious claims and putting the star quarterback on the sidelines in 2021. Watson settled 20 of the cases against him in June. 

"the foremost critical discipline ever forced on an NFL player for charges of non-violent sexual conduct,"

Robinson said in her choice, including that "Mr. Watson's design of conduct is more terrible than any some time recently surveyed by the NFL."

Robinson found Watson dependable for "different infringement of the NFL Individual Conduct Policy

The allegations against Watson came from a few of the more than 60 rub advisors he worked with in one 15-month period

Mr. Watson knew, or ought to have known, that any contact between his penis and these specialists was undesirable,"

The NFL says it is "investigating Judge Robinson's inconvenience of a six-game suspension and will make a assurance on following steps." 

"Mr. Watson had a careless neglect for the results of his conduct, which I discover comparable to deliberateness conduct." 

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